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On July 24, 2013, in Latest News, by The Somerville Times

Fox Morning News in Somerville Friday

Co-hosts Shannon Mulaire and Gene Lavanchy will bring the Fox25 Morning News to Union Square this coming Friday. ~Photo courtesy of Fox25

Co-hosts Shannon Mulaire and Gene Lavanchy will bring the Fox25 Morning News to Union Square this coming Friday. – Photo courtesy of Fox25

By Elizabeth Sheeran

You don’t have to travel to Rockefeller Plaza or Times Square to be seen on a morning news show this week. Boston’s Fox25 Morning News team will broadcast from Union Square from 6 a.m. to 10 a.m. on Friday, July 26, and they’re inviting locals to show their “Somerville Pride” as part of the live audience.

Fox25’s Friday morning Zip Trip broadcasts have been a summer tradition for the past decade, stopping in over 170 cities and towns across New England since 2003. The Fox morning news team did their live broadcast from Davis Square back in the summer of 2004, and Somerville is getting the chance once again this week to show off some hometown spirit.

“We look forward to getting out of the studio to do the live broadcasts in the summer,” said Fox25 co-host Shannon Mulaire, who will be on location Friday morning with fellow co-host Gene Lavanchy and other members of the Fox25 Morning News team. “It gives us a chance to highlight some of the good things about the city, since good things don’t always make the news.”

Mulaire has been in town exploring Somerville landmarks, businesses and “hidden gems” over the past few days, getting ready to take Friday morning viewers on a video tour of the city. Some of her stops so far have included the Prospect Hill monument, Boston Burger Company in Davis Square, and Dilboy Stadium where she met players from the Boston Breakers professional women’s soccer team.

She said some of her best tips for what to look for in Somerville came from local viewers who responded to her on Twitter. In fact, suggestions from Fox25 Morning News viewers had a lot to do with Somerville’s selection for a ZipTrip stop. A Fox25 spokesperson said Somerville was a great ZipTrip destination because of its street festivals, eclectic neighborhoods and great restaurants, among other things.

This Friday’s broadcast promises to showcase a pretty diverse mix of Somerville people and places. Regular ZipTrip features will highlight what the city has to offer in everything from cuisine to real estate. Groups already on Friday morning’s guest list include Somerville Firefighters and the Sunsetters youth performance group. And Somerville-born U.S. Representative Michael Capuano will face off against a Fox News Somerville trivia quiz. Rep. Capuano said he has no doubt Fox 25 will stump him, but he’s looking forward to the challenge.

Other guests are still being confirmed, including who will be chosen as Somerville’s “hometown hero.”

Residents who head to Union Square to show their local pride in Friday morning’s live audience will get a chance to sample food demonstrations, compete in a scavenger hunt and win all kinds of prizes, including a new car. The Fox25 team will pick a Fan of the Week who demonstrates what Fox calls “true Zip Trip spirit.” And one lucky young viewer will be pulled from the crowd to act as Zip Trip Junior Reporter for the day.

Mayor Joseph Curtatone said it says something about Somerville that Fox25 is returning for a second ZipTrip here this week, with so many other communities in the region to choose from. “Somerville must be a pretty special place for them to be coming back again,” said Mayor Curtatone, who is scheduled to appear on Friday morning’s broadcast.

“I have no idea what they have in store for me,” said the mayor. “But I’m excited for the chance to talk about all the exciting things we all know are going on in Somerville.”



9 Responses to “Live from Union Square”

  1. Ray Spitzer says:

    I don’t watch FOX25, but is it part of the same FOX right wing propaganda machine or something different with a similar name?

  2. Ron Newman says:

    Same company, but this is a local TV news operation, not really part of the national Fox Noise.

  3. Bostom says:

    Google “News Corp.”, “Fox Broadcasting” – the remnants of what was once known as Metromedia and before that, the DuMont TV network; “Fox Sports” and “Twentieth Century Fox” – the former film studio – for an overview and some history of the parts that became whole. Because it’s all controlled to greater or lesser degree by Rupert Murdoch, Fox 25, a broadcast station and hence at least minimally regulated, is a part of the Faux News noise machine, but does not entirely share the cretinous worldview of its cable cohort.

  4. Let's Be Real says:

    I’d say Fox News is less ‘faux’ and ‘noise’ than the networks cutting up video and audio reports before broadcasting them, reporting totally false stories, and showcasing people like Chris Matthews.

  5. Barry the Pig says:

    I’m no liberal, but I have a brain. FOX is not a news outlet, it’s a pure, irrational, hateful, propaganda channel.

  6. Ralph says:

    What sillly shit talk, Fox 25 is a fairly good news station, at least they can pronounce the citys and towns here in Mass not like the one’s on 7 .
    Wheater your liberal or not, watching all the networks is good…but as Fox national is right wing, msnbc, cnn, nbc and abc are left wing slants. the problem with today’s young en’s they take their news from comedians and think that’s real, like the Bill Maher stuff. We need to be more balanced listen to all and then use your brains to weed out the bull. But if your saying you won’t listen to one side because you might disagree, then how do you know what is real and not? I guess in the end we all need to be more open minded and listen to both sides and make up our minds and not be foot soliders to fearless leader. Besides Fox maybe be right slanted but they beat out all the competition combined in every hour…look it up! for my point of view CBS seems like a fair and balance network, but i do listen to them all.

  7. MarketMan says:

    Ralph, the reason they beat out the competition is because since Fox started in the 80s they catered to demographics that were under-served as a way of beating out the competition. So while most of the population is split among the several competitors for real news (ie, “liberal left wing news”), Fox focuses on those that want “right wing news”. So you can either have all of the small piece or a small percentage of the large piece. Fox figured out that their strategy is better with the former.

  8. gregtowne says:

    I love these progressives whining about the local Fox News doing a zip trip to their preciously liberal city. Oh the horror!

    It’s actually a wonderful series that they’ve had in place for years. A great way to spot light cities and towns in the Commonwealth but leave it to the left bring it all back to politics. That said, I’m surprised our good mayor even allowed them to set up shop for a few hours in our wonderful republic

    Why not start a letter writing campaign to Rachel Maddow and see if you can get MSNBC here.

  9. Harry says:

    If I were the king, FOX News would be the ONLY station allowed in my kingdom.

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