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On August 28, 2013, in Latest News, by The Somerville Times

Labor Day Weekend is soon upon us and it looks to be excellent weather-wise for everyone ending their summer vacation. We wish everyone a safe trip back here to the Ville. Roads will be heavy with traffic leaving the Cape and NH. Happy Labor Day weekend to everyone.


The new school year starts here in the Ville next week that means the streets will be filled with students heading back to school. So drivers be careful and watch out. This is a special week here for the city’s schools. The long awaited new East Somerville Community School is finished and will finally be opened for the students. The fire that struck the school back in 2007 has caused a long wait for many here in Somerville. The East Somerville Community School is having an open house for the public this coming Tuesday, September 3rd from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. The public is invited to come and tour the building. Join in at the ribbon cutting ceremony and enter through the Cross Street entrance. Also, if you’re planning on coming let them know: email or call  617 625-6600 x 2614.


The first book signing of Eugene Brune’s new book will be next Wednesday, September 4 at the Arts at the Armory on Highland Ave. from 7-9 p.m. If you miss that one then Tuesday, September 10 at the Mount Vernon Restaurant, and on Wednesday, September 18 at the Ball Square Book Shop are your next opportunities. Both are also 7-9 p.m. Now, a bit of trivia: The book’s title is Spirit of Somerville. Can anyone guess what it’s taken from? Here’s a hint – 1980’s, Saugus and 900.


Another reminder for the “John T. Forcellese Memorial Fund” 13th Annual Golf Tournament on Saturday, September 7 at the Falmouth Country Club in Falmouth MA.  Tee time is 8:30 a.m. All golfers must check in by 7:45 a.m. The format is Scramble scored by Foursome. For more information go online to It’s a great cause.


Candidate for Congress, Senator Karen Spilka from Framingham, was in Somerville last week for a fundraiser. Senator Spilka is running for newly elected U.S. Senator Markey’s seat. She has a fantastic record at the State House. We learned that she was being supported by many of the unions. She has accomplished a lot in the senate here in Massachusetts and would be fantastic addition to the all male house congressional members from Massachusetts. We hope she does well in the primary. She faces strong opponents but we know she’s done that before and come out the winner. We normally don’t get involved in races outside of the city here, but since the congressional district surrounds us, we thought we would give Karen a plug and let your friends and relatives know who live in the district to vote for Karen Spilka for Congress.


Last week in our weekly “Happy Birthdays” we wished local and popular barber in town Paul McLashing a Happy Birthday, but for some reason we said he was formerly of Albrandi Barber Shop. Well, we wish to retract that and let his friends and fans know he’s not formerly – he’s still at Albrandi and we made a mistake. We got many calls saying we were wrong and some asking where he has gone. So, you can still walk up to Albrandi and get a great haircut by Tony the old-timer (affectionately) and Paul his mentor. Mention you saw it here so Paul will know how popular he is.


Happy Birthday this week to several of our fans and Villens both here and spread around. First to J. Steve Dalrymple, who owns Steve and Sons construction. He’s a great guy and very involved in various charities around the area. Another fan of The News is Leigh Harkins Gerows, who is celebrating this week. Leigh is one of our former “Person of the Week” recipients and is a great person. Paul Perkins of Wakefield has a lot of friends here in the Ville and we send him birthday greetings. Albs Renner, now of Lynn, but grew up here in the Ville. Big HB to Cheryl Endicott who is celebrating this week here from the Ville. Mary Allosso Finigan is also celebrating this week.


We ran into Melissa Hurley-Sullivan, the wife of Alderman at Large Dennis. She has been seen lately with a cast on her foot. Was she walking the dog or was the dog walking her? We’re not sure but she’s looks great and is getting around very easy in the cast. We wish her speedy recovery.


We have a question, one that has been a topic of conversation lately. How about these appointed boards here in the city, especially the Planning Board and the ZBA board, the Redevelopment Board, Board of Health, and Condo Conversion Board? When are we going to start to replace some of these board members? Have you ever wondered how long some of these members have been taking up a board seat here and getting paid for it? Maybe the mayor and Board of Alderman should consider replacing these long time board members who have lost their objectivity and caring for the local residents. It would be interesting to find out who the members are, how long they are on the board or have been on a board here in the city and why?  There are two races for Alderman coming up in the primary, so start questioning the candidates on their opinion on these boards and who sits on them. We hear that one member has been sitting on one particular board now for over 20 years, and another one right behind him on another board. OK, question why do you think they are on the board and should they all be replaced when their terms are up? Let us know and maybe we will start releasing names of board members and their tenure on the boards.


Who is endorsing who in the primary elections coming up on September 24? We see that Ward One Maureen Bastardi was endorsed by the Somerville Fire and Somerville Police, as was Bob McWatters in Ward Three and Courtney O’Keefe in Ward Five. Courtney was also endorsed by the IBEW local 2222. If you’re a candidate for the primary election on September 24 let us know and we will mention it. If you don’t let us know we won’t be able to let the public know, so contact by email: Alderman at Large Jack Connolly is having a fundraiser coming up September 16 at the East End Grille at 118 Broadway in East Somerville. Read about the candidates in the primary here in The News coming up over the next few weeks.


We see that Alderman Bastardi is working hard trying to retain her seat as Alderman in Ward One. Since most of us here at Newstalk are from East Somerville we see she’s been out there door-to-door and recently started having stand outs. We know for a fact she’s getting out there door-to-door, and shouldn’t everyone who is running get their views across to the residents? We hear her opponent is also out there, but we asked a couple of our people and they said they hadn’t seen them. Only Maureen has been to their doors. Maybe Maureen is faster? Covering the ward?


We can’t resist mentioning that recent article “series” in the Dig written by three amateurs who haven’t a clue about Somerville’s history. The story they wrote was nothing new, and only half the story. They had to go back 40 years to dig up stuff that happened, or in some cases didn’t happen. And they didn’t get the full truth out. They just wanted to slam certain people with false assumptions, but their so-called story ended up not in the Globe or Herald, but in a paper no one has heard of. Ask the person on the street. They know nothing about the article. One local TV personality, who considers himself a “Political Guru” and might have about a dozen or so viewers, had them on as guests and between the four of them they couldn’t add up to 5 years of Somerville’s history correctly. The three so-called journalists have moved on and it’s good they have. Some might be embarrassed to have their name attached to a piece of crap like that.


This is going to be some election day on Tuesday, September 24. Actually, only three wards have primary races, of which the top two elected will face a run off in early November at the final, when the rest of the city will join in for Alderman at Large and some other wards that have just two running now. Hopefully, the residents of Ward One, Ward Three and Ward Five are well armed with information and committed to vote for their candidate of choice.


From Babes To Boomers. Be breast aware. Join an interactive workshop exploring how healthy choices, body awareness and regular screening can reduce your risk for breast cancer. The program will dispel common myths, address barriers to screening, and encourage participants to establish a self-care goal. This workshop is for lesbian and bisexual women and allies and will be facilitated by a health educator from Fenway Health. September 9, 9:30–11:00 a.m. at Holland Street Center, 167 Holland Street, Somerville. RSVP. 617.625.6600 ext. 2300 or Congregate LGBT and Friends lunch follows at 11:30 a.m. with a suggested donation of $6. RSVP is required. Lunch is from Maya Sol Mexican Grill. Please request Grilled chicken or Vegetarian.


One final thing. Best wishes to Patricia and Donald Norton, celebrating their 46th wedding anniversary this weekend. 46 years ago, on September 1, the temperature was 101. very hot and humid in Columbia, South Carolina. They flew down on Mohawk Airlines. Does anyone remember Mohawk? Demonstrators on the streets outside City Hall where they got married, facing off with the National Guard and police, leaves a lasting memory. We’ve come a long way today from those days and thank God we have. We still have a long way to go!


14 Responses to “Newstalk – August 28”

  1. dig this! says:

    How about digging in to the lives of other people? Where is the series on some of the progressives in this city? I heard they have more skeletons in their closets then a funeral home.

  2. Not Diggin' It says:

    The only thing more pathetic than the articles was the fact that the writers wanted 3 grand for the series.

  3. murt says:

    interview was a yawn-fest

  4. paul says:

    The series of so called articles on Somerville was so bad, its hard to believe these guys went to school and to make it worse your right the lame wannabe guru as you called him, (by the way hates the administration) gives them credit only because he hates the administration. That guy should have left town with those three and while they are at it, take the latest moron over at the Journal who can’t write either. this was all negative shit and that’s to bad, Somerville deserves more then that.

  5. Darnell says:

    A note about Candidate Karen Spilka. She voted for the new tax on Hi-Tech before she announced the run for Ed Mrkey’s congressional seat.

    Now that she is running for Markey’s seat, she came out against the very tax that she voted for. She used some flimsy excuse that more or new information came to her that made her decide her vote for the tax was wrong.

    I don’t believe her. Either she didn’t do her homework on the tax or she is a female “John Kerry.” She was for the tax before she was against it. Don’t trust her.

  6. ritepride says:

    Somerville unfortunately has a historic past of political wrongdoing over the years. People dont dream up factual information. Numerous Somerville politicians have been convicted over the years of doing wrongful things.

    Just like some people dont want to admit the facts about the Winter Hill gang being in Somerville. Who knows, if the feds were not tied up checking out the Mayor in Lawrence, there could be a Federal Grand Jury in another state checking out Somerville right now. Just as sure as Pau Revere riding through annually yelling “the British are coming”, likewise today his spirit could be riding through stating “the Feds are coming”

  7. paul says:

    ritepride, i don’t know where you’re from, I am for here and never denied Winter Hill gang, or the political corruption that went on in Somerville. But to put it in prospective Somerville still has a lot of positive things that happened over the years as well, not everyone was corrupt or bad. You just might be one of the few who migiranted here that still has that negative feeling about life from where ever your from. People are drawn to our fair city over the years because of its location, diversity, and many other qualities. Again I know of know one that grew up here in the 60’s, 70’s or 80’s that denied that crap, but as you can see the city has changed and for the best and isn’t that what its all about in the end? Stop being negative, smile more and be proud you’re living here now in a city that has a lot of great things happening and maybe you love our city now because of the actions of all the good people in the past that didn’t let a few bad apples spoil it. Be proud you live in a city where so many things can happen for the good.

  8. murt says:

    when will the series on the progressive democrats of somerville come out?

  9. ritepride says:

    Been here since the 50’s. Seen a lot of crap pulled by some politicians over the years, unfortunately it has not decreased. With all of the layoffs, personnel cutbacks, etc. in the past few decades this city should be doing a lot better,unfortunately the layoffs, etc. was a political trick so some politicians could contract out existing city services that today co$t way more dollars than it would have had they kept the city employees on the payroll. Instead those dollar$ $aved were used to hire “hacks”, consultants, contractors, etc.

    So while you “paul” smile and dance at the mayor’s “dog & pony shows” in reality the city residents suffer. No one with common decent sense would be giving away Powerhouse Community School (again), taxable property to tax exempt Tufts University.

    Check and see how many homes in the past few years have been sold to Tufts, Harvard Health, etc., taken off the tax rolls and now are additional tax exempt properties in a city that is reaching a total of 60% of it’s tax base now tax exempt. An unjust tax burden placed on homeowners and renters. Come into the real world.

  10. Scooby Doo says:

    That series should be real page-turner. The nefarious dealings of the PDS is real 60 Minutes material. Greater Boston waits with bated breath.

  11. paul says:

    I agree we shouldn’t sell Powder House to Tufts or any building here in Somerville, never thought it was a good idea in the past. Saying that though, Tufts buying up houses in the private selling market can’t be blamed on the city, but on the homeowner who is greedy for the Money and sells it to Tufts.
    Over the years you can’t say things are the same, they are different, and better, this mayor along with Gene Brune did a great job in moving ahead and trying to do the right thing. Its much better today here in Somerville!

  12. Observer says:

    The Donald… (the publisher not Trump). Sold the mayor his home. According to DigBoston The amateur outsiders who wrote this should have asked: Was it at/above/below market or asking price? What was the commission on it? That is investigating reporting

    Saw Sal Q (also mentioned in the series) on NECN.. He was a concerned Bromfield Rd resident about arson… Or was he in a rush to demo again?

  13. ritepride says:

    Colleges/Universities with their research facilities are profit making institutions, time for Congress to end the no tax status for them and time for the “Bacon Hill” gang to pass legislation restricting the amount of tax exempt land in each municipality to not exceed 25% of the total tax base.
    Residential buildings should not be tax exempt. Billy Bulger and his esteemed colleagues’ with their exhorbitant salaries/pensions are a disgrace.

  14. bostom says:

    “Some might be embarrassed to have their name attached to a piece of crap like that.”

    Might “some” of the “embarrassed” be the unnamed “News Staff” who wrote the piece above? Calling a sourced piece “crap” in an unsourced, anonymous blurb isn’t an example of journalism at its finest. If you disagree with the piece and any of its conclusions, tell us why. Insulting the authors adds nothing to (in fact, it detracts from) whatever shred of credibility your poisonous item deserves.

    Without rebutting a single item reported in the Dig series, you’ve slammed the reporting as “false assumptions.” Which ones? If you’re going to trash something that names and quotes dozens of local residents (when you quote none) and reports vote after questionable vote by various city boards it ill behooves you to cast aspersions without backing up one single solitary “fact” you think they got wrong. Here’s your chance – how about a concrete example of an innacurate statement – something or anything more than the innuendo you accuse the authors of engaging in when you’ve done exactly the same thing except to a greater degree with nothing at all to back up what you’re saying?

    I think it’s fair to say that the “News Staff” at the NEWS, not the named authors of the Dig piece who offered substantial documentation to undergird their conclusions, are the amateurs here.

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