New SomerStreets event debuts on Holland Street

On September 6, 2013, in Latest News, by The Somerville Times

Strike Up the Bands @ SomerStreets will be rocking Somerville this coming Sunday.

Strike Up the Bands @ SomerStreets will be rocking Somerville this coming Sunday.

The City of Somerville will host its newest event in the annual SomerStreets series on Sunday, September 8 from noon to 4 p.m. Strike Up the Bands @ SomerStreets will take place along Holland Street between Davis Square and Teele Square and will include live music at Johnny D’s Uptown and PJ Ryan’s Pub as well as children’s activities, family-friendly programming, and student-friendly fun throughout the afternoon. This is the first time the festival has been hosted on Holland Street.

SomerStreets is the city’s Open Streets Initiative, which closes sections of roadways one Sunday per month to promote and support active living: walking, biking, running, dancing, etc.

Along Holland Street activities for children, students, and adults of all ages will include, but are not limited to:

• Live music at PJ Ryan’s and Johnny D’s Uptown Restaurant & Music Club stages.

• Rock Climbing Wall.

• The Davis Flea @ Buena Vista Parking Lot, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

• Boston Cornhole Tournament.

• Zumba.

• Craft fair.

• Children’s activities at Hodgkin’s Park.

Additionally, a “Beerfest” will be sponsored by local establishments, Johnny D’s Uptown Restaurant & Music Club, PJ Ryan’s and Rudy’s Café each of which will sell beer, wine and food outside on Holland Street to patrons with appropriate I.D. Orleans Restaurant will offer food, but no alcohol.

“This latest addition to our annual SomerStreets series coincides with the return of local university students to the area, and it provides a great opportunity for new and returning students to connect, or reconnect, with their new neighborhood,” said Mayor Joseph A. Curtatone. “All SomerStreets events offer opportunities for residents of all ages, and we hope to create a new niche in the Teele and Davis Square area through this series for students with a welcome back celebration.”

For the September event, road closures and parking restrictions will apply as follows:

• No Parking on Holland St. from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Street closed to all vehicles 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

• All side streets leading onto Holland St. will temporarily be converted to two-way traffic to allow residents to get to and from their homes, including: Buena Vista Road; Thorndike St.; Irving St.; Simpson Ave.; Jay St.; Gorham St.; Paulina St.; Elmwood St.; Claremon St.; and Moore St.

• Bus routes 87 and 88 will be rerouted from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Thank you to the September event co-sponsors: Shape Up Somerville, the Somerville Arts Council, Johnny D’s Uptown Restaurant & Music Club, Rudy’s Café, Orleans, and PJ Ryan’s.

The final SomerStreets event for 2013, “Monster Mashed-Up” will be held on Sunday, October 20 along Somerville Avenue.

SomerStreets builds on the Shape Up Somerville healthy living initiative. Similar open streets events take place all around the world, providing space normally taken up by automobile traffic for people to be more active.

All SomerStreets events will run from 12 to 4 p.m., rain or shine. Residents who live directly on Holland St. should call Carlene Campbell-Hegarty at 857-523-9017 in advance or on the day of the event for assistance in leaving from or returning to your property safely.



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  1. ritepride says:

    Prime example of gross stupidity. An arsonist has been terrorizing residents and the city is blocking off major streets and intersections delaying response time of emergency vehicles, etc. Eliminate “SomerStreets” and use that money to place more cops and investigators on the street to catch this arsonist. This city lacks good judgement and common sense.

  2. A.Moore says:

    They seem to have left out the beer fest hosted by some local taverns. Students and beer and closed streets. Oh boy.

  3. KrisKringle says:


  4. Anna says:

    ‘Somerstupid’, I love that! Why are they mixing alcohol with this ‘family/community’ event? So the Tufts students will come and get drunk and rowdy during the day as well? Not a good plan, in my estimation,

  5. ritepride says:


  6. ritepride says:

    A. The Somerville police cruiser called dispatch this afternoon to report that “traiffic was horrific” due to Holland St. being blocked off. Someday some innocent resident will die as a result of joey’s games and then the lawsuits will hit not only him but the members of the Board of Alderman who just continually rubber stamp his goals so they dont have to deal with his rage.

    B. One person years back hired a lawyer who included liens on the elected officials homes/summer residences in the suit and the next morning everytrhing was resolved at a hidden co$t to the taxpayers.

    C. The families of those poor students should hire a lawyer and the residents should make sure the co$t burden comes personally out of those elected/appointed officials involved.

    D. Alcohol? Well the NBC (National Booze Channel) Today show from 7am-Noon, pushes alcohol consumption, Mon-Fri. CBS (Cruelty, Bullying, Station) demonstrates outright nastiness on Big Brother program every week. So the media and elected officials are in another world. The kids sitting at home/hooking from school see it and think its okay.

    “Anna” & A. Moore” you put it well, “Not a good plan” – “Students, beer and closed streets. Oh Boy.”

  7. Ron Newman says:

    The alcohol is being served only in roped-off areas adjoining the restaurants.

  8. A.Moore says:

    My friend who does pca work for the elderly turned in their resignation for September first as trying to get to the clients was impossible due to all these closures and festivals. These clients need help getting dressed and cleaned and sometimes have to be taken out and other duties. Don’t want to write a long thing on this but this is what it is coming to. Once an emergency hits one of these things which I hope never happens the maybe they will wake up. There are other ways and we have to resources for them.

  9. awesome, Newman says:

    wow, Newman, serving alcohol only in roped off areas? after they consume the alcohol, you don’t think they’ll join the fun & games? are you truly as dense as you appear, or are you amusing yourself this way? this whole program is dangerous nonsense, and branching out into alcohol puts a whole new level of crazy into it.

  10. Frankly says:

    For all who continue to complain that no one shows up to these events, I hope you stepped out from behind your TV or computer screen and took a walk down Holland Street yesterday. The entire street, from Davis to Teele was completely full of residents of your city – your neighbors – enjoying the beautiful day. And this was at the same time as the Patriots opening game!

    Clearly this was incredibly successful and should become a yearly event. I didn’t stop for a beer, but it was great to see that as an option. If this was anywhere else in the country (except Utah), one would be able to enjoy a beer while walking the length of the street. Next year it would be nice to see even more Davis Square restaurants set up along the street.

  11. sophie says:

    Big deal. I assume that once the students get tipsy they will at some point leave the roped-off area. Another instance (as in the football camp/alleged assault) of the city possibly creating a situation leading to a bad outcome. Serving alcohol will certainly keep me and my family from these ‘family’ events in the future.

  12. Somerbreeze says:

    My #87 Bus (Lechmere to Clarendon Hill) was over 35 minutes late on Sunday afternoon…

    Now, had there been an AMBULANCE needing to get through….

  13. MT says:

    But who cares about your old bus? The beautiful people had a mah-velous time!

  14. ritepride says:

    Yes they were residents there, (dont count the hacks mandated to attend these events to push up the numbers), but the outsiders probably outnumbered the residents. Historically a lot of the drinking problems at local establishments has a good number of involved people from “dry” towns who come to Somerville to partaay and rumble.

  15. Simon says:

    Wow. Are you people serious? I’m with Frankly all the way. I’m one of those crazy people that likes to go outside and enjoy the day when it’s 72 degrees out and sunny. This event provided a safe and fun environment for kids and adults of all ages. It was a great way to meet your neighbors and enjoy the beautiful day. I have never seen more kids having fun in Hodgkins Park than I did yesterday.

    Judging by most of the comments here, I guess people of legal drinking age can drink inside of a bar and come out and walk wherever they want, but people that drink on a patio or sidewalk are a “crazy, dangerous” hazard to all in their path? I guess we should just go back to prohibition then, right? Then we’d all be safe? Just stay inside and be miserable while the rest of us have fun living life.

  16. Boston Kate says:

    What’s the difference between serving alcohol in the restaurant or outside the restaurants? Lighten up, people. Cheezus – bitter and crabby much!?

  17. PixiePocahontas says:

    The point is–we are not all willing to sign up for their citywide CAMPUS PARTY EXTRAVAGANZA which this administration continually promotes because it’s their CASH COW.

    We have serious issues in our city which continue to be ignored by the current administration.

    To date–there have been 14 fires which still under investigation, most happened between the hours of 5:00 – 7:00 a.m. Why don’t we have more undercover officers involved in trying to solve this case? Maybe they would rather have more working class neighborhoods burn to the ground so they can have bidding wars at their fire sales. And it will clear out the locals they don’t want and replace them with the elitist condo buyers.

    The sports camp incident–lingering questions persist by concerned residents and parents: What time of day did this occur and where were the chaperones? Was there drinking going on at this event?

    Maybe if more was being done to protect our residents, we wouldn’t care about all the constituency tax paid festivities. However, I don’t condone inviting people to drink at these events. It sends the wrong message to children and encourages more of student drinking we don’t need.

  18. MarketMan says:

    Frankly & Simon: these characters seem to always be miserable about everything. If someone gave them a million dollars, they would find a way to complain about that.

  19. bluesfiend says:

    I’m all for people having a good time- but when are the people of Somerville going to see the real costs of police overtime, congested traffic during our precious weekends. Could somebody tell me how much this costs the city ?

  20. dpa says:

    What a disaster. Dozens of injuries, and the streets are now filled with Somerville residents wandering aimlessly, bleeding and stumbling.

    Oh the humanity. You guys were right. They should have canceled this debacle-in-the-making. Not just because it’s a waste of money for the city to sponsor an event where people actually have fun, but because it diverts attention from the evil arsonist, whose presence should consume our entire lives. I propose that we cut off funding for all city departments and spend it all on finding this criminal. Ya with me, ritepride?

  21. PixiePocahontas says:

    Obviously, you are not a taxpayer. Living in this city is much easier for transients who go to college for a few years, then move back home to work for their parents companies, and the elitist professional condo flipper who only uses our real estate to over charge the unsuspecting buyer so they can buy a house they once could not afford in mom and dad’s suburbian neighborhood.

  22. PixiePocahontas says:


    I guess you didn’t get the memo. We will see a continual increase in real estate taxes as in recent years, mark my words.

    With all the projects, pending lawsuits, and constant demands by the self aggrandizing, there is no end to the cost over runs.

    In other words, The Party’s On Us!

  23. ritepride says:

    Glad to hear from the “appointed ones” and the “Tokin it up” group. That’s what blogs are for….be careful “dpa” it could come back and bite you. You could be at one of the mayor’s Dog & Pony Shows layin on the ground waitin for an ambulance. I’ll be the first to tell you, I’m not a 1st Responder, while your buddies stand there saying …”Oh wow man”…Good Luck!

  24. Bob says:

    You just don’t get it Simon and dpa: it’s the street festivals that are causing the kids to rape each other with broomsticks and arsonists to run free. Street festivals kill.

  25. Somerbreeze says:

    @MarketMan – “These characters…” eh?

    Frankly, Bub, YOU come across as a patronizing Darwinian carpetbagger, with your tiresome pontificating…

    Chances are these “characters” have paid their dues to this city, far, far more than you ever will. And don’t tell me some of their concerns aren’t legitimate.

    Their observations about the Mayor’s endless parade of bread and circuses providing clever distraction to his backroom dealings has much merit. Wake up and smell the sulphur….

  26. MarketMan says:

    I am a homeowner and tax payer, and I enjoy these festivals. I attend only a small fraction, but it’s good that the city provides entertainment and social activities for residents. What would you prefer? To sit home and drink beer in front of the TV all weekend??

    Sure these festivals cost the city money. I’m curious how much too. But I’m sure it’s minimal compared to other wasteful spending.

  27. wow, Bob says:

    wow, rape humor. so funny, so enlightened.
    this is tiresome. people voice their views on this issue. legitimate view about city priorities, and concerns about personal safety and major inconveniences, and they get ripped apart by the stooges here.
    and now, humorous references to children being raped. I’m all done here

  28. Ron Newman says:

    This was a crowded and well-attended event, even though it was not heavily publicized or programmed. It certainly was not dominated by Tufts students.

  29. Joanna says:

    Wow. I take a few weeks off from reading these comments, come back and see that the same 5 or 6 pathetic dweebs are still blaming anything bad that happens or whatever else bothers them on our civil servants. A few changing their handles intermittently, of course. As if their political agenda isn’t completely transparent to the normal, clear thinking people who read this. That’s the funniest part. They actually seem to believe all this tripe and expect others to come around to their way of thinking. Simultaneously hilarious and sad. Interesting, to say the least. At the most, get out of Dodge.

  30. MarketMan says:

    Somerbreeze: what “dues” are you referring to?

    I didn’t say that anyone’s concerns were not legitimate. What I said was that some of the people complaining, complain about everything on this site. Their negativity is tiresome.

    Many of the events are activities that residents want. Clearly, not all residents want them, but many do and those people have made it happen. Many of the commenters make it seem like the Mayor is coming up with these ideas and using them as a way to con the residents. The Mayor is a politician. He will do what he thinks the people want. By making some people happy, is it easier to do backroom deals? sure. Do they happen? maybe. If they are happening, they would happen regardless of the festivals. Some other distraction that keeps residents happy would be used.

  31. MT says:

    I have no problem with these festivals (without the alcohol) being held. I would like to know how much they cost, though, because I’m not sure they are worth the cost. I do, however, totally disagree with closing off large portions of the city to hold them. We have lots of parks and fields that are much more appropriate for this sort of thing. These events are wonderful for people looking for something to do on Sunday afternoon. Not so wonderful for those who need to work, visit an ill or elderly relative, get to a store, get to a hospital, get to a party, invite people to your home, etc., etc. I think the attendance, which usually appears to be sparse is simply not worth the numbers of people who are inconvenienced, sometimes dangerously so. It says a lot about the mayor’s character that these events take precedence over people’s legitimate concerns.

  32. somermama says:

    @PixiePocahontas– If you dislike this City SO MUCH… don’t let the door hit you where the good lord split you !!………in other words stop complaining — its a way of life……….and as far as the “football camp” incident you and Sophie refer to……….it was the SOCCER TEAM and NOT the football team… so get your facts straight- I have a child on the football team and do not want their name dragged through the same mud as the villains who did this…………………….

  33. A.Moore says:

    Spent over 7 million on Dilboy field which is pretty empty a lot of the time. Much nicer to have grass underfoot. Can even make it an all day festival while leaving the streets open for safety issues. So much easier and should make more people happy.

  34. A.Moore says:

    BTW, has anyone checked the facades lately in the square? Not saying this to be a wise guy but I would have concerns after Beacon street and Chine Fair.

  35. PixiePocahontas says:


    My family has been in Somerville since the 30’s. I was born and raised here, attended Somerville Public Schools, as well as my children, and I don’t plan on leaving anytime soon. I have as much right to live here as anyone else–whether they be long-time local, transient, or those who have just arrive and wish to stay long-term.

    All I ask is some much needed Balance and Rational planning for our city–we have gone far beyond anything which resembles normal living. They have sold our city to the highest bidder and I’m afraid those promises are being called in. There are too many people moving in and too many projects planned.

    My extended family members owned homes and rented, worked in the city, but not a city job–they were teamsters in the union of trades and in trucking. They worked long hours to pay their mortgage and taxes to the city as I do. I expect this administration to do their job and to answer calls and valid requests from ALL ITS CITIZENS, regardless.

    The point you fail to see is that many of us locals who have been around for the past 10-70 years (as some of my neighbors, many who have watched me grow up) are fed up with this current administration.

    If you are not a member of their exclusive club, which you appear to be a member, you are out of luck.

    Everything from questionable hiring practices of local families (shall I name a few, I know who they are) to unscrupulous fines ranging from parking tickets to whatever the inspectional services department can dream up to keep their lame ass jobs.

    As a homeowner, having done a great deal of remodeling to my family home, they had me running ragged with their continual demands on surveys of my property which probably went to one of their “friends”, and other documents. After 6 months of jerking me around, I finally called someone at the State House. The issue was quickly resolved in my favor. Later when I went to get my permit, the person in charge criticized me for making that call. As I explained, “If you had been doing your job properly, I wouldn’t have had to make that call”. About a year later, we were cited for $1,000.00 stop work order which was also made in error. The inspectional officer didn’t even bother to see our permit clearly in sight for all to see. I made another call to a city official and the fine was removed. On a separate occasion, we had a sewer pipe (chimney) break in the street which the city was responsible, but initially tried to slap me with the cost. Some excavator showed up and said, “I want $5k to put a shovel in the ground”. I told him to take a hike. A guy from DPW kept stopping by to say I had to hire a company to dig, so I called his boss. They explained that if the pip was broken on the sidewalk, it was still my property and I would have to pay for repairs. If it was in the street, it was on them. I told them to dig. They repaired the broken pipe which was a the tip of the chimney, but I later found out they just moved it to another instead of doing the job right, since I am sure it would have cost more.

    Several years later, I received a $50 for not having barrel covers. The photo was taken at 3:00 a.m., enclosed in an envelope with the ticket. I appealed, it was denied, but by they time I received notice, they tagged on another $30.00. I tried to appeal a second time and was sent letter expressing an option to fight it in court, but the court fee was a non-refundable $125.00. Do the math if you can.

    If this wasn’t such an outrage, it would be a great sitcom. Maybe SNL can call Joey “cupcakes” and ask him to be the host. I’m sure he’ll jump for it. Tell him to bring his commissioned portrait along so they can add it to the prop.

    I mean seriously, when will it stop? Even narcissus took a break from the lake. I’ve got too many stories to share about what I have been dealing with over the years, none of it is flattering to the current administration. The new rental community is wearing down landlords with their continual demands. Sure, we get good rents, but when our taxes, water, home owners insurance keeps going up, there is not enough to make it all worth it. It’s not a condo–it’s an apartment.

    Has the current administration ever considered what will happen when they all get voted out of office by the progressive community? I guess they won’t care since I’m sure they have planned for it $$$$$$$$$$$$.

    Advise to the new homeowner–if you decide to remodel, try to find out how many times the assessor will be out to your house before you complete all the work. I refused to let the scumbag in my house because he was always showing up and reassessing my house. When I complained, I got nowhere.

    ritepride–I’m guessing (B) has to do with what went down in Ward 5?

    If you haven’t already read Somerville Files by Vaccaro, I strongly suggest it –DigBoston series 1-4 and don’t miss the latest blurb on the upcoming election. I am curious to know what happened to Vaccaro at the SomJournal. From what I read some bad blood, now it seems he’s out for it and frankly I don’t blame him. I can’t help wonder the fires could be all linked to this shaddy stuff in our city.

    Groupies should reevaluate their loyalties. At the end of the day, they are only in it for themselves, esp. that scumbag lawyer from WH who protects them. I’ve dealt with him too, another story for another day.

  36. PixiePocahontas says:

    By the way, somermama…”It’s a way of life”….maybe your way, not mine.
    I would hope as a city official, these guys could at the very least be discreet, but they have become so pompous, it’s really hard NOT to dislike them. Must be the company they keep.

    Can we request some much needed maturity, exercising sound judgement, less self-indulgence, less paparazzi globe reporters–from our town officials or would that be too much to ask?

    Reading Comprehension 101–

    I did not mention anything about the football team. And when is it standard practice for the mayor of a town to attend an overnight sports camp? I don’t care that his is assistant coach. I don’t see why he would have to attend.

    Was anyone drinking, passed out? Why were the children left alone at any time during the day or night? Who were the chaperones? Maybe they should print their names in the media so we can see who they are–what would be wrong with that? If they are all innocent.

    If a chaperone had been in the cabin when this incident happened, he/she would have to be in a coma not to know what was going on.

    The worst part is that one child is scarred for life and will be healing for years and trying to have a normal life, so will his parents, grandparents, other siblings and extended family members. Where will he go to school, who will be his friends? This incident could possible reshape his entire future. If this were my son, I would be outraged and not looking for lawsuits, instead, I’d be looking for resignations.

    Without divulging details, I am concerned about the potential for racial tensions concerning this case.

    How much do you think the taxpayers will have to pay to bail out those who will be held responsible? Between the lawsuits and lawyers fees, I’d say that will be a very large sum and I’m sure it’s not the first time………pass the checkbook please.

  37. ritepride says:

    “somermama” You should be ashamed of yourself! If you are the true Somerville supporter you claim to be then you should be in compliance supporting the City Executive order that has officially made Somerville a “Sanctuary City” inviting all, whether they be U.S. citizens or law breakin non citizens. Whether they be salts of the earth or low life scumballs. Thus you should, with welcoming arms and a kiss on the cheeks (upper n lower), be embracing “PixPocahontas”

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