Somerville prepares for the worst

On September 2, 2010, in Latest News, by The Somerville Times

Sandbags were placed at the doors of the Somerville public safety building in preparation of the coming storm.- Photo by Bobbie Toner

By William Tauro

DPW crews built a barrier of over two thousand sandbags that were strategically placed around the rear of the Somerville Police Station while police personal evacuated the station’s rear parking lot and police garage. All the police vehicles are being parked on higher ground at the Target parking lot located on Somerville Avenue.

~Photo by Bobbie Toner

All Somerville emergency personal such as police, DPW and building and ground employees were asked to cancel their Labor Day weekend plans and stay on call around the city in case they are needed when the storm hits.


2 Responses to “Somerville prepares for the worst”

  1. violation says:

    Is it safe to block an exit that way? It doesn’t look like there’s access for people to exit from the building in the event of a tragedy! Is the fire department aware of this? I am sure that they are aware of the blocked exit considering they have a engine next door! I hope it doesn’t rain too much tommorrow. The men and women of the police and fire department need a break from all this publicity!

  2. sheamus says:

    They do whatever Jos says or risk termination. Rule by fear, thats how Joe operates.

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