Letter to the Editor

On November 19, 2011, in Latest News, by The Somerville Times

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I would first like to thank the Somerville voters who exercised their right and came to the polls and voted last week. I would also like to thank all my campaign workers and supporters who truly dedicated so much time and energy on my behalf! I will not forget it-or you! I also want to highlight the effort and intensity put forth by the incumbents, who made their case before the voters, prevailed, and were again re-elected. I congratulate them on their victory, they deserve another two years representing the people of Somerville.

I also want to especially recognize my two other challengers, Todd Easton and Michael Nionakis, who had the courage to put their names on the ballot and present themselves before the voting electorate. And after this campaign, I now know how much that really takes of oneself. Lastly, thank you Somerville for allowing me the opportunity to speak on the issues I believe are important to us all: education, affordable housing, environmental management, transportation, economic development, jobs, and the economy. I know I’ll continue to stay involved in these issues and more, moving forward. Thank you, again.  

Sean J. Fitzgerald

Candidate for Alderman At Large    


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