Assembly Row announces AMC Theatre as first major tenant

On January 14, 2012, in Latest News, by The Somerville Times

Entertainment significant component of active, urban, mixed-use neighborhood

Federal Realty Investment Trust (NYSE:FRT) today announced the execution of a 60,000 square foot lease with AMC Theatres (AMC) for a 12-screen theatre at Assembly Row, the 50+ acre mixed-use development in Somerville.

Auditoriums at the new AMC Theatres location will feature upgraded seating, premium sound and 100 percent digital projection. AMC is also evaluating additional amenity possibilities including a Marketplace concession area, a MacGuffins bar and lounge area, and an IMAX auditorium.

“We’re excited to partner with Federal Realty to become the entertainment anchor of the Assembly Row development,” said Mark McDonald, executive vice president of Global Development at AMC Theatres. “The features and amenities we’re including will make this a compelling entertainment destination and among the best theatres in the country.”

Construction on the theatre building is expected to begin in the spring of this year and open with the first phase of the Assembly Row development.

“The execution of this lease is important because it sets the tone for the development of Assembly Row and helps define our commitment to deliver a first-class entertainment experience as one part of this great new neighborhood,” said Chris Weilminster, senior vice president, leasing of Federal Realty Investment Trust.

Assembly Row is a one-of-a-kind mixed use neighborhood nestled on the waterfront.  It is a whole new address for business, living, shopping, and dining unlike anything New England has yet to offer. Located only eight minutes from Boston and Cambridge, Assembly Row will have its own T station and feature nine city blocks of vibrant storefronts, built-to-suit office and lab space, and amenity-rich residences, a theatre and hotel all surrounded by landscaped gardens, plazas and an activate waterfront park. Extensive year round events and programs supported by AMC’s state of the art digital theatre experience will help create an immersive environment that draws people from all over the region.

“Assembly Row will become a great, experience driven destination neighborhood energized with a 24 hour environment. AMC will play an integral part in that and we are thrilled to partner with them,” said Don Briggs, president Federal Realty Boston.

“Coupling state-of-the-art office space with unique retail opportunities and the experience of sitting al fresco under the lights at your favorite local restaurant or enjoying views of the Mystic River before taking in a movie is what will make Assembly Row unique,” Briggs stated.

“This is very good news for the people of Somerville and surrounding communities – and it sends a great message to employers and retailers looking at locating in Assembly Row,” said Somerville Mayor Joseph A. Curtatone.  “A state-of-the-art AMC movie theatre is a perfect fit for a mixed-use, destination district like Assembly Row.  It’s one more reason why people will want to live, work, shop and play in this new riverfront neighborhood.  Congratulations to both Federal Realty and AMC for reaching this agreement.”


About Assembly Row

Assembly Row is a mixed use development featuring 1.75 million square feet of build-to-suit office/lab space, 2,100 residential units, a 200-room hotel and 880,000 square feet of retail, including a 60,000 square foot movie complex. In the heart of this neighborhood, active urban commercial streets will be interspersed with sidewalk cafes, parks, retail shops, restaurants, bike lines and entertainment venues. Located at the very center of Greater Boston, this new development is accessible via Interstate 93 and with the newly planned Assembly Row T station, minutes to downtown Boston. For more information, please visit


About Federal Realty

In 2012, Federal Realty celebrates 50 years of being a proven leader in the ownership, operation, and redevelopment of high quality retail real estate in the country’s best markets.   Federal Realty’s portfolio (excluding joint venture properties) contains approximately 19.3 million square feet located primarily in strategically selected metropolitan markets in the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, and California. In addition, the Trust has an ownership interest in approximately 1.0 million square feet of retail space through a joint venture in which the Trust has a 30% interest. Our operating portfolio (excluding joint venture properties) was 93.3% leased to national, regional, and local retailers as of September 30, 2011, with no single tenant accounting for more than approximately 2.6% of annualized base rent. Federal Realty has paid quarterly dividends to its shareholders continuously since its founding in 1962, and has increased its dividend rate for 44 consecutive years, the longest record in the REIT industry. Federal Realty is an S&P MidCap 400 company and its shares are traded on the NYSE under the symbol FRT.  For more information, please visit


9 Responses to “Assembly Row announces AMC Theatre as first major tenant”

  1. j. connelly says:

    If the original theatre complex folded at Assembly Row, what makes the braintrust think another one will succeed?

    The new Orange line stop will be bringing more problems to the area with troublemakers, as IKEA & the rest of Joe’s Kingdom wont exist. Whereas this theatre is the first major tenant and standing alone waiting for others to develop, you can bet a lot of police issues will occur.

    They bitched about “Good Times”, which benefitted the city especially with Dan Hayes charitable donations to the community. (He had paid for police paid details from the beginning, so if there were problems, where were the cops on paid detail?)

    At least the city had a paying tax base from Central Steel, Good times and other businesses, but the city threw them out and created a wasteland as IKEA is holds everyone hostage.

  2. Dave Hestor says:

    maybe the theatre will show the movies Backdraft and the Towering Inferno. But if they do, the Somerville News wont go, they hate firemen !

  3. Ron Newman says:

    AMC closed the original cinema because it was seriously out of date. They had inherited it from Sack Theatres and then Loews. Now they are replacing it with a more modern one.

  4. tim says:

    They didn’t close it because it was out of date. If that were the case they wouldn’t have let it sit vacant for so many years. They closed it because of the problems they encountered with many of the clientele. J. Connelly is absolutely right. They will only have more problems if and when the orange line stop becomes a reality, as long as the rest of the area is a wasteland.

  5. Patrick says:

    You think the T station will be finished before IKEA and the rest of the development? That’s hilarious.

  6. Miguel says:

    I’m member AMC that will be nice to have theater in Somerville, MA. But, unforenally we have to wait until late 2013. I want to know is it New Orange Station will open before AMC or after?

  7. carmine says:

    I think this is grand. I hate having to go to Jordans Furniture for an IMAX experience or go to Revere showcase to get premium style seating when I could go down the street to Assembly Row. I cant imagine there will be “trouble” as some have stated, to compare Goodtimes with a movie theater is just ignorant, one was a bar, the other is NOT.I dont see trouble brewing at Station Landing with the T right there, I can only imagine the experience of a patriots Place at Assembly Row. And adding a T stop is better than having to bus people and it doesnt bring trouble, good times didnt have a T stop yet people made the 10 minute hike. That area was always totally undeveloped, IMO, besides the Steel company, it was a wasteland…. Now, we wil have “something” close for our benefit. Joe is doing a great job, all politics aside.

  8. Mike says:

    Complain, complain, complain. It amazes me how full of cranks this city is full of. And the worry about the Orange is not very well veiled racism IMO.

  9. joe says:

    Take a trip to the Revere Cinema on a Saturday night.

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