The Somerville News Person of the Week – June 20

On June 20, 2012, in Latest News, by The Somerville Times

The Somerville News Person of the Week, Patty Hamel Oppedisano.

Meet Patty Hamel Oppedisano, our choice for the Somerville News Person of the Week. A lifelong East Somerville resident, she attended Somerville schools, and still lives here with her family. Now, if you know her you’ll know she’s a little bit off center but that’s good. She’s not a conformist. Actually, no one from East Somerville is and that’s a good thing.

Patty is seen all over the city, even at the DD’s in Maquon Square once in awhile. She was voted Best Waitress in Somerville, twice, probably because of her large fan base. A lot of people know her and we can’t find anyone who doesn’t like her. She’s funny, witty, smart and very considerate of others. We hear she’s a great friend to her many personal good friends throughout the ‘Ville. According to her Facebook page, she works for God and he has her do his dirty work. That shows you her sense of humor, because we can’t imagine her being bad, unless her attractive smile is hiding something we haven’t heard about. But we doubt it. You can catch her smiling face at Renee’s Café on Holland Street every Wednesday to Saturday in the a.m.   Tell her you saw it here and congratulate her. When you meet her you’ll even walk away with a huge smile on her face yourself. She will brighten up your day like she does with everyone.


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