The Somerville News Person of the Week – September 12

On September 12, 2012, in Latest News, by The Somerville Times

The Somerville News Person of the Week, Maria Curtatone.

Meet Maria Curtatone. That’s right, we choose Maria this week for two reasons. For one, well, she’s a nice lady. But, more importantly, she was elected by the voters of Middlesex County as its first woman Register of Deeds. Period. With a field of six candidates she won the election. The second place candidate was also a woman, Maryann Heuston. It’s kind of nice that in a field of six the only two women running came in first and second, in that order.

Maria is a lifelong resident. She ran for mayor of our city back in the early 90’s and ran a pretty good campaign. When she lost, her brother, the present mayor, was going to college. He probably got the political bug from her when he ran for Alderman at Large and then won. Maria lives right here in Somerville on Prospect Hill. She practices law as well here in Somerville and around the district. Maria Curtatone worked extremely hard in this election and without the support of many political insiders, both here in the city and elsewhere. But oh, can she put a machine together, and she did. With massive support all over the county, she had signs, mailings, phone calls, standouts, billboards, paper ads and much more going. The always-smiling Maria Curtatone was smiling big on election night when the results came in. Congratulations to her and to all her workers. That is why we picked Maria this week.


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