Belligerent shoplifter detained, arrested

On October 19, 2012, in Latest News, by The Somerville Times

By Jim Clark

Police responded to a report of a shoplifter being detained at the Home Depot store on Mystic Ave. last Saturday afternoon.

As officers arrived at the store and entered the Loss Prevention Office the man being detained began shouting and cursing at them, according to reports. He continued to berate police and store personnel as the officers attempted to get the facts of the incident established.

The officers reportedly told the man that he would be better off if he exercised his right to remain silent, but he reportedly continued to taunt the officers, saying, “You guys are worthless, you know that? You’re really mean!”

The Loss Prevention personnel reportedly told the officers that the man being held had tried to conceal nearly $500 worth of tools in a trashcan that he was purchasing.

As police placed the man, identified as Joseph Cabral, 50, under arrest he reportedly told them, “Oh yeah, call my neighbor he’s a state trooper.”

A subsequent search of Cabral’s person reportedly yielded two knives in violation of a city ordinance.

Cabral was charged with shoplifting by concealing merchandise and violation of city ordinance possession of a dangerous weapon.


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