Lyrical Somerville – October 31

On October 31, 2012, in Latest News, by The Somerville Times

I received this letter from a proud granddaughter:

“Hello Doug,

My grandmother asked me to type this up for her and email it over to you. She is 85yrs. old (A Somerville resident for over 25 years) and has a hidden poem collection that she has slowly shared with me and now wants to share with the world. I feel honored that I am able to share this.”

Halloween Time

The night is crisp and silent,

the light from the harvest moon shines bright

the fragrance of fall foliage
brings me delight!


While I walk the moonlit path,

my footsteps crunch the dry leaves


Between the shadows
I see the faces of pumpkins

On country road fences.


A perfect setting for Halloween!


Through the glimmer of the night…

A witch on a broom could be seen.

Could this be a total dream?


An owl who was quietly perched on a limb

Raised his vocal chords on a whim.


It was the black cat who came out to make her attack.

When suddenly her green eyes shone in the dark

as her back hunched and her fur no longer laid flat,

her meows could be met with the screech of a bat!

But the silence of the night will bring shivers to my spine…

It’s Halloween TIME!!


– Dorothy Theresa Smith



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