Christmas Tree Lighting tonight

On December 6, 2012, in Latest News, by The Somerville Times

The City’s annual Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony will take place tonight, December 6 at 5:30 p.m. on the City Hall Concourse, followed by a meet and greet with Santa Claus in the Somerville High School Highlander Café (atrium entrance). For the first time, this event will also include a ceremonial lighting of a Hanukkah Menorah, which will remain on the concourse throughout the season.


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  1. Jill Brennan says:

    I find it odd that we are having a big celebration for a Christmas Tree lighting when Somerville Public Schools aren’t allowed to have any type of specific holiday decorations in order not to offend. So let me get this straight. Christmas is ok for the “Adults” at City Hall but down the concourse the teachers can’t have a wreath or a Christmas Sweater. Someone needs to reign in the Superintendent. It sends conflicting messages to our kids when the word Christmas is ok for this but not in their classrooms. We had Columbus Day outlawed last year what is next. I think the mayor needs to look at this.

  2. A. Moore says:

    I am not sure we can now call it a Christmas tree. I think it is supposed to be a Holiday Tree now.

  3. j. connelly says:

    Good for you “Jill Brennan”! Excellent point… I’m very proud of you….

    Screwg!.. all the New Wave Communists and the dunce mayor (who bow’s to them) who have infested our city to take away common sense and all that makes the USA great….none of them have a problem using our currency that says “In God We Trust”…

    Yes “Mr. Moore” the 95.6% of the citizenry still call it a “Christmas Tree”…lol

  4. The Wizard says:

    Jill Brennan wants the Mayor “to look at this?” This Mayor a few years ago apologized publicy for calling the City Hall Christmas Party(and that’s what it has always been) a Christmas Party. He forgot to be politically correct(and this guy is the master of PC). He went on to say he meant to call the party a “Holiday” party.”

    He is your typical phony baloney politician. In fact, from now on just think of him as “Phony Baloney Curtatone.”

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