Somerville Police arrest robbery suspect

On January 30, 2013, in Latest News, by The Somerville Times


Chief Thomas Pasquarello announced that the suspect who was wanted in connection with the Armed Robbery of the Quick Stop convenience store at 219 Highland Avenue has been arrested.  Jonathan Williams, age 31, of Revere, was arrested today in Woburn.  Acting on tips received from the public, as well as other sources, detectives were able to identify Williams as the suspect in the robbery last Sunday evening.  He was located in Woburn and arrested without incident.  Somerville Police, Medford Police, Woburn Police, State Police and the FBI Violent Crimes Task Force worked together to locate and apprehend the suspect.  The suspect will be arraigned in Somerville District Court later today.

“We are grateful to the news media for broadcasting the surveillance video, and well as the many followers on the Police Department Home Page and Social Media, which led to several tips, identifying Williams as the suspect”, said Chief Pasquarello.  The Chief also commended the teamwork by all of the local, State and Federal agencies who were involved in this investigation and the many members of the community for their cooperation.


6 Responses to “Somerville Police arrest robbery suspect”

  1. Once again, another great job by the Somerville Police Department! Big thanks to all involved!

  2. raymon says:

    he just got out of prison in sept. now he is back in. looks like he is going to be a career criminal. he needs to be locked up for the rest of his like before he kills someone.

  3. j connelly says:

    Another excellent job by the SPD. It is sad to see small businesses in these tought fiscal times trying to survive and have to deal with low lifes like this guy who not only hurts them fiancially but also puts them and the police officers in harms way. Repeat offenders should be put away long term.

  4. jimmy says:

    obviously a young man with a drug problem.too bad the detox across the street from the store is no longer open

  5. donna says:

    to bad, he doesnt understand that if you want money you have to work for it. i know this person, he is my nephew, who’s grandparents supported him and never worked a day in his live. my parents gave him the money so that he could buyhis drugs so that he wouldnt rob using a gun. now that my parents have pasted , mom last year, he things he has the right to take money at gun point. its the crimminals that shouldnt have guns, the store keep should be the one with the gun to protect himself from thugs like this. it gives the good people a bad name just so crimminals can carry. can you believe he even was involved with armed robbery in a back in medford. i am a proud gun owner, but so not pround of my nephew who is a gun owner.(crimminal)

  6. donna says:

    please leave your comments, would like to hear what you think

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