Session Planetaria lifts Sally’s

On February 6, 2013, in Latest News, by The Somerville Times

They’re jammin’ at Sally O’Briens when Session Planetaria takes to the stage.

By Kristen Hale

On Sunday, February 3, at Sally O’Briens, Session Planetaria invited the public to join their improv jam session.

Assembled by Jenn Bliss, Session Planetaria started their improv jams last year at Fasika Ethiopian Restaurant in Somerville. Their sound is original, blending a wide array of musical stylings and cultural influences ranging – but not limited to – Middle Eastern, Folk, Caribbean, Country, etc.

They invite musicians, MCs, storytellers, vocalists, poets, and anyone who has something to share to join them on stage to become a part of this ensemble. They listen to the guests and develop a mood, a groove for what’s being shared.

For example, this writer took part in their jam with spoken word poetry. Being nervous at first, it was tricky falling into my own rhythm. Once I relaxed, felt the music, my words were amplified and emanated.  A truly distinct and magnificent experience that captivated all of those involved.

Session Plantaria is made up of experienced musicians from all walks of life. On guitar they have David Rizzuti, Paul Erlich, Andrew Scandal, Sam Franklin, with Jay Kustka and John Valdez on guitar and vocals. On bass there is Plamen Jetchev and Mohan Krishnan, with Darrell Brown on percussion, and Jenn Bliss on flute, accordion, and vocals. Samantha Milowsky doing spoken word, Linnea Herzog on guitar, and Parama Chattopadhyay on violin also contributed to this warm and inviting event.

If you missed this jam, don’t fret. Session Planetaria will have another improv jam session on Sunday, March 3, at Sally O’Brien’s.



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