Snow Emergency remains in effect, schools closed

On February 10, 2013, in Latest News, by The Somerville Times


The City’s Snow Emergency will remain in effect until Monday, February 11 at 6 p.m., and the parking ban will continue to be enforced until that time. Vehicles parked in municipal lots will have until 8 p.m. to be moved so that city crews may begin clean up of all school and metered parking lots. Please remember that residents and businesses MUST shovel the sidewalks in front of your property within 6 hours after the end of a storm, or will be subject to fines. Shoveling snow into the street is not permitted. Please also remember to clear vents in your home and exhaust pipes on cars to prevent carbon monoxide and fire hazards. Additionally, please assist the Somerville Fire Department by clearing paths to fire hydrants in your neighborhood to provide access in case of an emergency. We thank you for your cooperation and patience throughout this difficult storm.

Also, Somerville Public Schools will be closed Monday.

Residents with non-emergency questions should call 311.  For emergencies, please remember to call 911.

For real-time updates, please visit the City’s Facebook page,, and Twitter feeds: @SomervilleCity and @311Somerville.


6 Responses to “Snow Emergency remains in effect, schools closed”

  1. Observant Citizen says:

    I guess the city MUST not have to clear their side walks within 6 hours of the end of the storm, as the sidewalks along Medford St. that run under the railroad bridge are still not plowed nor is the sidewalk in front of Nunziato Field taken care of either.

  2. Harry says:

    Observant Citizen, the city (like the state and federal government) are exempt from all sorts of regulations we peons have to struggle under. Those sidewalks will be cleared in April.

    The DPW did craptastic job – awful. The streets are a joke. Fire them all and privatize that function.

  3. A Moore says:

    I think a lot of it was private. I actually have not seen a city truck plowing yet. I am sure there are some. I have been here over 60 years now and it is not their best work. Other blizzards were handeld much better. I don’t know if we have less big equipment now or what. All we got was some rinky little pickup truck and a path in the middle of the street.

  4. Darnell says:

    Harry’s getting Mad!

  5. j connelly says:

    Remember when the city had those Walter Snow Fighter trucks that looked huge but still made it through narrow streets?

    See several mayor’s back, they used pickup trucks to do the school yards and the then mayor (ceo….lol) decided to save money and not buy anymore “fleets” of real snow fighting machines like ‘Walters’, ‘Internationals’, ‘Macks’, or ‘Diamond Reos’, that way he could pilfer those funds to put ‘friends’ on the payroll, etc. Sadly, ever since that practice has continued by his successors, in effect telling the taxpayers to ‘bend over’.

    Thus it allows for, as yesterday Liveshot “Lego” announcement to the news media…
    “Our city is heavily congested”!…”Our streets are NARROW”! (that’s why he has added cycletracks on them). I will be hiring MORE additional PRIVATE contractors (Hey! he’s consistent, WRONG, but consistent!) to help with snow removal. Like Alfred E. Neuman, why should our ceo worry, it’s not hi$ money he’$ wa$ting… It’s the taxpayers.

  6. A. Moore says:

    Didn’t all the city rubbish trucks when we had all the city workers double as plows? We all made fun of city workers but when we had snow they worked hard until it was cleared. I know the guys who plowed this storm worked hard but I don’t believe we had as much equipment out there like we used to. We had big storms over the years I have been here and this was not done as well. We were back on the roads so much quicker before and didn’t have to shut down the roads either. For me it’s no problem anymore. But my wife has to service seniors that need help. She can’t get to them. Can’t park anywhere. Can’t take someone’s spot just for a short while or she will have flat tires. Some of these she has to take to doctors or get food, some have alzehiemers. They don’t all have family to help out. So it is more important to get things cleared up not just for convience. Reminds me, was it around Ball square a number of years ago someone went out and shot a car in front like shooting a horse over a parking spot? I think it was a good 20 years ago but my brain function is limited.

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