Committee on Confirmation of Appointments questions O’Keefe

On April 17, 2013, in Latest News, by The Somerville Times

Courtney O'Keefe and her parents. – Photo by Donald Norton

Courtney O’Keefe and her parents. – Photo by Donald Norton

By Donald Norton

Recommendation was made to the full Board of Alderman to vote on Courtney O’Keefe’s appointment to the seat in Ward 5 recently vacated by Alderman Sean O’Donovan.

The Committee on Confirmation and Appointments met Tuesday night at with Alderman Bruce Desmond presiding over the committee of the whole. Seven aldermen attended, making a quorum. 

The only item on the agenda was that of Courtney O’Keefe and her nomination to fill the Ward 5 Alderman seat.

Aldermen present were Bruce Desmond, Bob Trane, Maureen Bastardi, Maryann Heuston, Rebekah Gewirtz, Dennis Sullivan and Bill White.

O’Keefe had a resume and cover letter submitted to the committee that outlined her reasons why she should be confirmed for the seat.

Alderman Bruce Desmond gave an opportunity for each of the aldermen present to ask their questions. The questions were thorough and thought provoking, and each answer given by O’Keefe appeared to please each of the aldermen present.

The aldermen all seemed genuinely pleased and impressed with her knowledge of the Ward and city as a whole, as well as what she would do as an alderman facing many issues, and was she ready to fight to retain her seat on the board this coming fall. O’Keefe gave each question a thorough and complete answer.

The meeting was brief, with all present seemingly impressed by O’Keefe’s qualifications. Alderman Desmond asked for a vote to send the matter to the Board of Alderman, with a unanimous “yes” as the result.

O’Keefe’s name will be presented at the next regular meeting of the Board of Alderman, scheduled for April 25.

After the meeting was adjourned O’Keefe was quoted as saying she was pleased with the meeting and can’t wait to be voted on by the full board, and is looking forward to working hard for the residents of Ward 5.


9 Responses to “Committee on Confirmation of Appointments questions O’Keefe”

  1. A. Moore says:

    I think it is time for the aldermen to make a set of rules for future problems with people jumping out of office. One person can just take over by appointment, for another it can be a problem. We have an elected official leaving office and the person taking over should be someone who is in the chain command or split the responsability or we need to vote on it. To get this position one runs a campaign and gets elected by the people. I think it’s a shame someone cannot finish up their responsability with such a short time to go. Personally I don’t think it shows good character. For any of them. This has nothing to do about O’Keefe if she is good or not good for the job. Just not the right way to do things. But it should have been easier to do this as it is the way it has been done for so long for others. But I think we need a change so it is a clear and set procedure.

  2. Dan says:

    I really hope they approve her. She’s a great person and is so dedicated to the ward. Good luck Courtney! All the way!

  3. Mike says:

    I couldn’t be happier about this…go Courtney!

  4. Spencer says:

    Congrats Courtney! SO glad you’ll be the Ward 5 Alderman!

  5. Spencer says:

    This is great news for Ward 5. Congrats Courtney!!

  6. Linda says:

    Yes, Courtney!

  7. snuggles says:

    Wow, thank you all for saving us all the money of having to vote for our “elected” officials. Please keep it up and choose our next mayor, governor, and president! That would save me a lot of time and money having to participate in a democracy and whatnot.

  8. A. Moore says:

    Good one snuggles, maybe we should have the news media pick them for us so we don’t have to think for ourselves.

  9. Chris says:

    You can thank the charter of the city that states a special election is only for a vacancy with a year or more left in the term. Read it sometime…

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