Deceased MIT police officer had ties to Somerville

On April 19, 2013, in Latest News, by The Somerville Times

Officer Sean Collier

Officer Sean Collier

By William Tauro

An MIT Police officer responding to a disturbance call late Thursday night  has been shot and killed in Cambridge.

The shooting took place at 32 Vassar Street in Cambridge and the officer has died from multiple gunshot wounds.
A manhunt is underway in  looking for the second of the two suspects, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.  Both suspects were the people of interest in the Boston Marathon bombing. One of the two brothers, Tamerlan Tsarnaev, was killed in gunfire during the night in Watertown. The second suspect is believed to be armed and dangerous. Watertown and surrounding cities and towns including Boston are in safety lock down until the suspect is caught.

Somerville Poilce close down the part of Curtis Street Friday where Officer Collier lived in Somerville. ~Photo by Bobbie Toner

Somerville Police close down the part of Curtis Street Friday where Officer Collier lived in Somerville. – Photo by Bobbie Toner

The victim is MIT Police Officer Sean Collier who was a longtime employee at the Somerville Police Department prior to becoming an MIT Police Officer who worked in the IT department and was on the list to be a Somerville Police officer.

Alderman Bob Trane commented to The Somerville News on the passing of Sean Collier: “I learned of Sean’s passing during the night and I am still in shock by this devastating news. I have never met a young man so dedicated to a career in law enforcement.  He showed a maturity well beyond his years. It was obvious to me from the moment I met him that he was a special person. He so wanted to help people and serve his community. This is a tragic loss for all that knew him, my thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends.”

Message from Mayor Curtatone was posted on his Facebook page: “My heart is literally broken over the loss of Sean Collier. He was a young man of the absolute highest quality, everything you could hope for in a son or a friend. He was close to realizing his dream of becoming a Somerville police officer and this is a staggering loss for our community. Please include his family and friends in your prayers, and pray that no other families are touched by this ongoing tragedy.”

Neighbors of Officer Collier drape a flag off their porch Friday. ~Photo by Bobbie Toner

Neighbors of Officer Collier drape a flag off their porch Friday. – Photo by Bobbie Toner


3 Responses to “Deceased MIT police officer had ties to Somerville”

  1. ritepride says:

    Condolences to the family of Officer Sean Collier. How sad that he never attained his goal to be a Somerville Police Officer.

    How ironic that just over an hour earlier Mayor Curtatone had ceremonies on the Concourse at City Hall to hold a Memorial Service for the Marathon victims. Not knowing that shortly after one of Somerville’s own would become a victim of the terrorists.

    Perhaps the city could honor Officer Collier by honoring him posthumously with an appointment to the Somerville Police Department.

  2. Laurent from France says:

    All my thoughts go to Sean Collier’s family, friends and coworkers. May his name be honored and remembered in his hometown and across the land.
    26 years old. That’s so sad Man.
    I hope the Police will get the psycho murderer that’s left, asap, dead or dead.

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