Stephen Lynch visits Somerville

On April 26, 2013, in Latest News, by The Somerville Times


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– Photos by William Tauro

Congressman  Stephen Lynch paid a visit to Somerville  Friday morning.  He made stops in Ball Square and visited the headquarters of the Somerville  Fire Department.


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  1. amen says:

    a good guy, who actually worked for a living. i refuse to vote for anyone who hasn’t held a real job, one with a time clock, and hard work. 9/11 memorials, security scares & concerns? Never saw Ed Markey anywhere near his district. Afraid of catching germs, i think Lynch all the way.

  2. david moro says:

    Right on i seen the fire fighter bus for him going right by the mystic projects love it : )

  3. ritepride says:

    Markey’s taking Big $$$ from out of state donors…We know where his loyalties will be come vote time on Capitol Hill. Plus he was involved in a domestic incident involving his his girl friend in Malden several years ago.
    That’s 2 strikes against him. I hope my vote will strike him out come election day. Anyone who is involved in anything that hurts women is a lowlife who should not hold elected office.

  4. Bostom says:

    A plague on both of their houses. Markey knows his way around DC a lot better than he does Malden, Medford, Somerville and the rest of his district. He’s been MIA around here for years.

    Lynch? He was prolife in Southie, where it gets him votes, and he’s prochoice since he went statewide, where he thinks it’ll get him votes. Hypocrite. He’s Scott Brown w/o the $50 haircut.

    Hard to imagine a state that’s about 70% Democratic can’t come up with better candidates. Where’s Martha Coakley now that we really need her?

    Not that Republicans are doing much better: Michael Sullivan, the DA who wants to cut waste and hates fraud but who’s been taking a state pension of $27K plus annually since he was eligible – at age 55. Or Gabriel Gomez who was a Navy Seal, has a nice house in Cohasset:

    and thinks that qualifies him to be a US Senator. Really?

    First time I won’t vote in an election in as long as I can remember.

  5. Steve Keenan says:

    I noticed District Chief Dennis Murphy in some of the pictures. You look great Dennis-you trimmed down greatly. But boy, you have lost a lot of hair! Only joking Dennis. You’re a great guy on the finest Fire Department around. God bless all the Somerville Jakes. Stay safe and keep up the good work. People of Somerville-support your firefighters! They are always there for you in time of need and always will be!

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