Assembly Row breaks ground on speculative office building

On May 2, 2013, in Latest News, by The Somerville Times


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– Photos by Donald Norton

The last block within Phase I of Assembly Row broke ground today. The last block will consist of 100,000 Square Feet of Class A office space and 30,000 Square Feet of retail space. Construction is progressing on schedule: a six-acre waterfront park is to open this summer, residential to begin pre-lease, a new Orange Line T station to open summer 2014, shops, restaurants, and entertainment venues to celebrate grand opening spring 2014.

Today’s speakers included Don Briggs, President, Federal Realty Boston, Mayor Joseph A. Curtatone, United States Senator William Cowan and Jeffrey A. Simon, Assistant Secretary for Real Estate at MassDOT. Assembly Row is taking shape on the Mystic riverfront as Somerville’s newest neighborhood and Greater Boston’s most transit friendly corporate campus. Assembly Row is owned by Federal Realty Investment Trust.



19 Responses to “Assembly Row breaks ground on speculative office building”

  1. Barry the Pig says:

    Another day of hard work for our politicians! Every penny they make is well deserved.

  2. snuggles says:

    The one single thing that would make Assembly better is not ever considered: narrow route 28 to two lanes each way and make that entire stretch a place that people can walk and bike safely and enjoyably.

    Cue the parade of people too lazy and selfish to stop driving even short distances.

  3. Bob says:

    How arrogant you are Mr./Ms. Snuggles…..yes, I am much too lazy to wal or bike a short distance. If only they would build a wheelchair lane.

  4. A.Moore says:

    I say we make the road wider since since we will have people driving here to the outlets and the people from Somerville leaving the city to go shopping at the normal stores.

  5. Barry the Pig says:

    Ahah! It looks like Curtatone is really proud of his lego city model!

  6. Anne says:

    What exactly is a speculative building? Does it means what it seems to?

  7. A. Moore says:

    Anne, it means they have no idea on who may rent it. They are hoping to rent it out for big bucks. The way the economy is I don’t see it and what is going to go in there will probably be out of there in about 3 years. But we shall see.

  8. ritepride says:

    The economy has to change drastically for the better. The unemployment numbers put out each month are LIES. So many people have run out of unemloyment or have part-time work minus benefits, some have totally given up as if you have experience the employers do not want you as they want to pay cheap rates.

    This is another hinderance to employment, if you are going to screw your employees then they know there is no long term future, thus dedication to the job plummets as employees say why bother to put my best effort / ideas foreward while corporate greed continues for the executives.

    The future is bleak and the only thing Obama will be remembered for is being our first black President as he has failed miserably with Congress in doing something positive to bring jobs back to this country.

    Americans will refuse to put their childrens lives on the line anymore to make corporate oil executives richer protecting their oil wells in the middle east.

  9. MarketMan says:

    ritepride: your complaints are all over the place. what does any of this have to do with assembly row?? The numbers aren’t lies. It’s just that the unemployment statistic is defined in such a way that someone who is partially employed or has given up on finding work are not counted. I think it’s dumb, but that’s the way it’s defined. Your complaints about wanting to pay cheap rates and how that affects employee loyalty/dedication are spot on. But I don’t understand the complaints about Obama. I don’t think he has a whole lot of control to change what has been happening for years. Finally, what are you talking about wrt putting children’s lives on the line???

  10. ritepride says:

    Well “MarketMan”
    Medford & Everett beat Somerville to the punch and did development when the economy was better. Until the economy improves development right now is a big gamble that the taxpayers cannot afford. $25 million of taxpayer funds were wrongfully spent to bail the developer out already. It is not the function of the taxpayers to pay for costs for private developers. It is nothing more than bailing the developers. If they cannot afford the building costs, they are in the wrong business.

    Well Obama ran for election promising transparency & better economy…Don’t make promises you cannot keep. When young men & women in the military put their lives on the line for corporate America it is wrong. If things were done properly the wars in the middle east, the United States should have taken over the oilfields as sovereign land and the product placed in U.S. oil reserves.

  11. Snuggles says:


    Obviously if they made the road safe to walk and bike it would have to accomodate all pedestrian traffic–including wheelchairs.

    @A. Moore

    Yeah, that’s the exact response we’ve had to every problem: “make it easier to drive there.” Hey guess what, when you do that (as we’ve done again and again and again) it make the places worse to live in. Or hadn’t you noticed that area is a hellscape of roads and parking lots.

    Once again residents and the morons they elect prove incapable of envisioning a place worth living. How pathetic.

  12. Anne says:

    They do not accomodate wheelchairs anywhere in the city. They continue to use brick pathways and walkways that are not handicapped-friendly, and they refuse to keep bikes off the sidewalks.
    A shopping area requires parking. End of story. Families need it. The disabled need it. People who will make large purchases need it. Bikes do not work for everyone in every situation like people would like us to believe. How many places does the Mayor arrive by bike?

  13. Somerbreeze says:

    Anne, well said!

  14. Harry says:

    Bikes are for liberal sissies from sunny california, that is the sad truth.

  15. Cowabunga! says:

    That’s absolutely correct, Harry. And believe me, they’ll be coming in droves. Who in their right mind would stay in California when such a wonderful place as Somerville and its environs are so ripe for the plucking? So pack it in, bro. We’re coming in and you’re on the way out.

  16. Darnell says:

    Response to Harry:Harry, the real sad truth is that you are an ignorant and bitter human being. Man, you are a real tool. While cyclists peddle their bikes for exercise,transportation, and so on, all you can peddle is ignorance. I feel sorry for you my friend. May the Lord enter your life and allow you to see the light.

  17. Steve Keenan says:

    Hey Harry-just thought I’d let you know that I am buying a Trex Mountain Bike this week. Can you give me your address so that I can show it to you and ride it down your street?

  18. Harry says:

    Cowabunga, you are coming in droves because there are actual jobs here! That is why you are coming…

  19. Greg says:

    To the idiot who thinks the road should be there for more cars. . .well take a look at “Science”. Carbon Dioxide levels have just reached a new milestone in our environment. . .400 parts per million on average. What does that mean? Well, if you look back about 3 million years the world was MUCH warmer and sea levels may have been between 60 and 80 feet higher.

    I’m not a tree hugger but I will say this. It’s coming, and you car driving idiots should be the first people displaced when Assembly Square is under 50 feet of water. Good luck humanity.

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