Letter to the Editor (1) – June 12

On June 12, 2013, in Latest News, by The Somerville Times

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One of my favorite parts of living in Somerville- particularly Union Square is its diversity. So many different types of people live here, and that means so many different types of food, businesses, art and cultures in this community. People at all stages of life, and income, call Union Square home – families, students, recent graduates, older adults and young couples all have a place. I am concerned that with the Green Line Extension coming to our neighborhood in 2017, it will become so expensive to live here that the people who make this place so fun and diverse will be pushed out.

As someone who works full-time in a nonprofit, I am concerned that I will no longer be able to afford my own rent, let along buy a house in this community that I love. This is why I am so supportive of projects like the one that SCC is proposing for the vacant Boys & Girls Club building on Washington St. Not only will it extend the action of Union Square all the way to its eastern gateway, it will provide opportunities for middle-income people who currently live in Somerville to stay in Somerville. I am talking teachers, city employees, construction and child care works, and nurses, because many of the apartments created will be for moderate income households (think $60k for family of 4). I hope that the Planning Board approves this project on the 20th so that Union Square become an even more attractive place where everyone can afford to live, work and play.

Thank you,

Hillary Borcherding


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