Somerville High School Teacher/Student Softball Scrimmage

On June 27, 2013, in Latest News, by The Somerville Times
thesomervillenews's Softball Scrimage album on Photobucket

– Photos by Bobbie Toner and Samantha Sahlas

Somerville High students and teachers played a softball scrimmage last week  at Trum Field. Teachers won the game 6 – 2.

Playing for the teachers team were: Bill McDonald, Fjodor Dukaj, Ethan Vedder, Everett Roscoe, Laurie Foley, Donald Medeiros, Mike Kennelly, Bert Stoker, Leo DiSimone, Justin LaBerge and Siby LaGambina.

Playing for students team:  Megan O’Brien (Senior), Kristen Buccelli (Junior), Joy Jarnagin (Freshman), Andrea Rao (Sophomore), Jennifer Toner (Sophomore), Brianna Dell’Isola (Junior), Brooke Metivier (Freshman), Kristen Florio (Senior), Aaliyah McCarter (Last year graduate), Samantha Sahlas (Senior), and Kadi d’Amaral (Sophomore).


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