Too soon?

On July 5, 2013, in Latest News, by The Somerville Times

Mark N


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  1. Norm says:

    Not only is it too early this sign is inaccurate. Mark is not running for re-election as the Alderman – he is the current school committeeman – he is running for election as the Alderman against the incumbent Courtney O’Keefe.

  2. Larry says:

    Love the white sticker over school committee that now says Alderman.

  3. says:

    A clear indication of his character.

  4. A. Moore says:

    I think it is only fair as no one running for ward 5 has been elected. Maybe in the next election he can use it again. Shows how recycling works.

  5. Lu Lu says:

    He can just get another white sticker and put it over the RE in Re-Elect. Ha ha Ha.

  6. Larry says:

    No A.Moore it is not fair. He is not being re-elected as ward 5 alderman and has no right to use it on his signs. You would think be unemployed he would have the time to read his signs to make sure they are correct.

  7. skippy says:

    the sign is in the cleaners in ward 6 on broadway

  8. Joe says:

    Mark has a better shot of winning as ward six Alderman.

  9. freedomforthepeople says:

    I wish you people out there would know there politics Courtney O’Keefe is not an incumbent ,she was hand chosen
    by the ward five alderman Sean O” Donavan ,who was only elected because Stan Koty decided he was tired of doing it ,instead he had the perfect front an attorney that help put quite a lot of money in both there pockets.I was appalled when Courtney O’Keefe suggested that people were allegedly calling her gay,the mayor immediately stood up and said that he would not stand for hate speech,well its ok when he says it, now he will have another puppet on the board to carry on for him just like Sean did.I do not beleive that one should run for office on the premise of there sexual preference gender or any other nonsense, you should be able to do the job plain in simple,like many of your comments that show bias,I guess thats the Somerville way, so carry on the proud tradition of being obnoxious punks nice job. When all is said and done they are both wrong.

  10. ben says:

    He’ll do anything, be it illegal, immoral, or under-handed. Can’t the city at least supply him with a map of his ward?

  11. Darnell says:

    After seeing how deceitful and dishonest this person is given his untruthful and misleading sign, I can’t see how anyone could vote for him.
    This is a true indicator of what type of person he is.

  12. Joe says:

    @ freedomforthepeople, Courtney O’Keefe is the incumbent…look up the definition of the word. No one suggested Courtney was called names. The girl was called names including a very obnoxious name by an obnoxious ass who didn’t have the balls to own to up to it. Maybe someone from Mark’s group will admit they heard it firsthand.

    freedomforthepeople doesn’t mean freedom from proper grammar. Clearly, you didn’t go to Somerville schools.

  13. Rachel says:

    I’m not one to get in to the politics of politics, but I can tell you what I do know… When I call Courtney, she answers the phone and when I email her she writes back within the hour. She clarified two issues for me and is–by far and no offense to the other alderpeople–the nicest person I have ever talked to. She is down to earth and serves ward 5 amazingly.

  14. Lu Lu says:

    ben… ha ha ha!

  15. freedomforthepeople says:

    Joe I know some of my grammar was off I put this up like this to see the true hatred of certain people.I would say you have met the requirement maybe it was you who called the names you no so much about this,also you once again proved that there are truly obnoxious punks that are full of hate .This leads to the question did you go to the same school as the mayor,somerville high hatred at its best was taught there by your actions on attacking people for technicalities.

  16. Joe says:

    The only person that’s spewing hatred is you, freedomforthepeople.

  17. sloppy seconds says:

    so he took an old campaign sign, slapped Alderman over School Comm, and forgot it said Re-Elect. Sloppy work, which,in my experience is all you can expect from this man. that sign says it all. that it’s in the wrong ward, well, more confirmation.

  18. Dear Somerville News commentators,

    Thank you for bringing this mistake to may attention. I will correct it tomorrow when the store is open again. My apologies for the mistake. Yes, I have reused a bunch of my School Committee signs and we neglected to blue out the RE- in RE-ELECT on this sign. If there are any others out there with this mistake, please bring it to my attention and I will correct it.

    Sincerely yours,

    Mark Niedergang
    Somerville School Committee, Ward 5
    Candidate for Ward 5 Alderman

  19. A.Moore says:

    Big deal about nothing. So it’s a simple mistake. Gets him some publicity. I think it was a good idea to reuse the signs. Maybe that is some of the thinking we need for someone in office to be practicle instead of spending our money so easily.

  20. sarah says:

    Highly doubtful this was a simple mistake, or a mistake at all.

  21. Mike says:

    A.Moore, is this the type of publicity he would want? Placing a sign seeking election in ward 5 in the window of a business in ward 6 is practicle thinking? What happens when he gets elected? Will he try to pass ordinances in Medford instead of Somerville?

    Also want to point out that the sign was placed in that window because it is directly across the street from Sean O’Donovan’s law office. Neither practicle nor classy.

  22. Pucallally says:

    I find it very funny that Mark Niedergang is acting like he didn’t know and it was a mistake…Like he didn’t know that people were commenting on Courtney at his political meetings…Courtney has always been very involved in the betterment of Ward 5…she deserves to be the Alderman…she has work hard and will continue to work hard for us all…Mark has slung mud and made a mockery of this campaign…Mark please stay away from Pearson Ave…we don’t want you around…

  23. Jeff says:


  24. Pucallally says:

    Mark is not a man of his word…..the sign is still there in ward 6 and hasn’t been changed…get off your duff and get rid of the sign…I can’t wait for Courtney to get her signs out..then we will see what is what…

  25. MarketMan says:

    Rachel: The sad thing about all this is that if we are praising someone for doing something that all alderpeople should do, then our bar is set way too low. But having tried to deal with people who work for the city myself, I understand that simply being responsive is a major achievement for many of them. It’s like praising a doctor for simply seeing their patients. Sad!

  26. Rachel says:

    Sorry, MarketMan, disagreeing with you on this one. Courtney followed both issues through until they were resolved and then followed up with me a week later. She is thorough and reliable-2 great qualities that Government Officials need to have. Unlike most Doctors, she sees her residents and devotes the time needed to help them.

  27. The Truth Will Prevail says:

    Due to a relatively minor issue with a campaign sign, people are beginning to see the real Niedergang. He doesn’t tell the truth, and is willing to do anything to get elected (probably to pad his retirement). Anyone who has dealt with him already knows this, including some City officials, who know the real reason he left his grant position at the police department.

  28. sam says:

    Still seeing Niedergang’s ‘RE-elect’ signs in both Wards 5 and 6. Would someone please get the man a map so he can figure out where the constituents he has supposedly served the last few years live?

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