Ex dragged away kicking and screaming

On July 31, 2013, in Latest News, by The Somerville Times

By Jim Clark

Police responded to a report of an unwanted female at a Ten Hills Rd. residence last Thursday. The reporting party had told police that his ex-girlfriend was banging on his back door, trying to gain entry.

Upon arrival at the residence, officers reportedly saw no one outside the home, but they noted that the back screen door had been kicked in and was bent inward.

Officers illuminated the interior of the house with their flashlights and saw that someone was inside, standing in the dark, according to reports.

The officers ordered the person to come outside, and they were answered by a female voice, saying that she would do so. There was a delay in her moving, however, and the officers judged that she might have been under the influence of some intoxicating substance. She also seemed to be speaking to someone on her cell phone.

The officers then decided to enter the building in order to remove the woman, later identified as Jenna Remy, 28, of Wayland, police said.

After crawling through the torn screen door, several attempts were made to open the main back door, but the lock appeared to be broken, according to reports.

As Remy reportedly attempted to break away from police, she was subsequently handcuffed. In the process, her phone fell to the floor and one of the officers bent down to pick it up. At that moment Remy reportedly kicked the officer in the buttocks.

Remy was then held to the wall to prevent any further assaultive behavior, and she was administered a burst of pepper spray in order to get her under control. Due to her tumultuous actions, another officer was reportedly accidentally pepper sprayed in the process.

During the subsequent attempt to remove Remy through the broken screen door, she reportedly squared off and kicked one of the officers in the groin area.

Remy reportedly continued kicking and screaming as she was carried out to the front yard area, where she would be picked up for transport to the police station.

While awaiting transport, Remy reportedly kicked the same officer she had kicked before, once again in the groin area.

In speaking with the reporting party, it was learned that Remy was his ex-girlfriend and that they had broken up more than two years ago.

When advised that the back door had been damaged, the reporting party reportedly told officers that Remy had tried to kick in the front door as well that night.

Remy was eventually taken away in the prisoner transport wagon, reportedly screaming all the way. She has been charged with disorderly conduct, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, resisting arrest, wanton malicious defacement, and misdemeanor breaking and entering.

Her boots have been entered into evidence as an alleged dangerous weapon.


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  1. Larry Bird says:

    you do realize that this is jerry remy’s daughter, right? didn’t feel like you needed to mention that? spot on reporting…

  2. Bostom says:

    I did (recognize her parentage) but hardly feel it’s necessary to hold her Dad responsible for her actions. She’s 28, if her age as reported in the story is accurate, thus an adult and answerable for her own actions. As she will, soon, in court. Whether that results in some legal sanction for Jenna, or free Red Sox tickets for the cops involved for the rest of their lives, remains to be seen.

    Speculation, salacious and tabloid worthy as it might be, about her father’s parenting skills would seem a bit of a stretch seven years after she attained her majority. I think anyone who knows him or even about him would agree that Jerry has problems of his own greater than the behavior of his children.

    Besides which, the story stands on its own by the extent and violence of her resistance and does not report a single instance of her saying anything along the lines of “Do you know who I am?” Why then does it matter to you?

  3. Mike says:

    Bostom, I agree with your decision not to mention her father. After today’s news regarding Jenna’s brother, you almost have to mention it in any follow-up. Jerry Remy’s other son also has a record on assault charges. Must have been a wild house in the 1980s and ’90s.

  4. Bostom says:

    Mike, you’re right. It’s true, sad as I am to say it, and it’ll belatedly be big news. In light of what happened, it might have been the better thing to publicize Jenna’s postal moment if doing so could have caused Jared a moment’s reflection or given his court appearance greater scrutiny. As you may have noticed, not a single major media outlet in Boston picked it up at the time, no doubt out of fondness and respect for her dad. With the clarity of hindsight, the discretion the media showed here might not have been the better part of valor. I’d have to recast the second paragraph in my earlier post were I writing it today. Jerry has bigger problems now than just his own.

    My heart goes out to the Martel family and for Jennifer Martel whose little girl presumably witnessed or at least is aware of some of what happened. Pray for her health and stability in the years to come, hard as that will be for her to accomplish knowing her mother died in a violent attack by a man who must have said, at least once, that he loved her.

    Whether his actions were caused by bad parenting, mental illness, drug use or all three; one as a consequence of the other or any way you look at it, we’ll never know and it doesn’t matter now. A whole bunch of lives are ruined: Ms. Martel is dead senselessly at 27, her child is an orphan, her family and friends are in shock and grief at this tragedy; Jerry’s broadcasting career is over and this can’t be good for his health, either; Jared’s life on the outside is a thing of the past – forget the “innocent until proven guilty” line here – he was trying to stab the witnesses who tried to intervene; and the Massachusetts court system once again failed a woman who needed protection from an abusive partner with a record longer than my arms: fifteen arrests since 1998, five of them for assault, four of those against women, three restraining orders against him, and fired as a security guard by the Red Sox for steroids.

    According the the Middlesex County DA’s Office and despite that resume, Remy had been released on personal recognizance Wednesday morning in an open assault and battery case in which Martel was the alleged victim. There was no active restraining order against him.

    Why someone with an arrest a year for the past fifteen years and a history of violent behavior and substance abuse gets out on personal recognizance for an A and B case against a woman is a question the judge will have to answer and ultimately, answer for.

  5. Shawn Michael says:

    Apparently, the fact that what Jenna did never made it to the news, according to some people who know her and her family, she beat the case? how does that happen? Even if the ex boyfriend dropped the charges, what about the assault on the two police officers? Also she bit off a guys eyebrow three years ago and never went to jail. Just another situation where stuff got swept under the rug.

  6. are ya kiddin me? says:

    Bostom, did you say the Judge would have to answer for this? this is Massachusetts! judges answer to nobody. they get appointed for paying off a pol who’s long gone, and they are there for life.

  7. donjosem says:

    Then is time, to try to change the system. Just like the appointments of Supreme Court Judges, nothing should be for life.

  8. Larry says:

    Jerry Remy is a big contributor to the democrats. Look it up. Need more proof we live in a state controlled by an organized crime family (democrats). Look no further.

  9. fuggedaboutit says:

    it’s Chinatown, Jake.

  10. Bostom says:

    are ya kidding me?

    I said the judge would have to answer questions about his ruling last week (and now, knowing more, we’ll also have to ask what the “totality of circumstances” were that lead the Assistant DA to ask for no bail and let him walk the day before he killed his wife. What circumstances, in part or in total, could cause a DA, responsible (and usually blowing their own horns in this regard) to safeguard women in domestic disputes Then I said the judge would have to answer for his decision, ultimately.

    It’s the residual Catholic in me that thinks “ultimately” happens after your lifetime job (and for that matter, your life) ends and I’m pretty sure there’s gotta be a neighborhood in hell, one as densely populated as Somerville with some zip codes you’ll recognize where perhaps the judge (and some of his colleagues) can socialize with all the crooked cops and drug dealing prison guards and corrupt administrators (Andrea Cabral, are you listening? Are you back from vacation yet? Is that a Whoopie Pie in your hand?”), Zip Connolly, Jeremiah O’Sullivan, John Morris and the rest of the FBI criminals they send us when we don’t grow our own, the Bulgers, the last three Speakers of the state’s House of Representitives – the list is longer than the hours remaining in the day.

    That’s what I mean by “ultimately.” We all make mistakes, and I don’t doubt whoever let Jared walk would like a do-over right about now but once again, they’re public servants, responsible for what they do to the people who pay them, and until that notion of responsibility returns to the employees of the citizens of the Commonwealth, all the sound and fury here won’t save another victim.

  11. The story, in it’s entirety, has elements of comedy and tragedy. Many aspects that help put this particular tale in contexts are absent, to no fault of the author. Anyone that has any familiarity with the history of the family and prior incidents is saddened by the news, however not necessarily surprised. (I am specifically speaking to the scope of this article.) I’m a huge Jerry Remy supporter. Few people were happier than I was to hear his voice again in the booth following his health concerns. Any implication that Jerry Remy intended for his children to behave in a criminal manner as adults is preposterous. Sure, it is within reason to question parenting skills when 3 out of 3 children engage in more than one criminal assault, but it is purely correlation and not causal. Not to be cliche, but hindsight is always 20/20 and often we aren’t aware that we are doing something improperly until we discover that the results turn out to be vastly different from what initially desired. They say it takes a village to raise a child.

  12. patricia says:

    Well, today is March 23, 2014 and the Globe has just published a block
    buster of a story on the Remy clan.
    Jerry and Phoebe Remy are now three for three; for children with violent
    criminal actions.
    But Larry Bird, and the best of you loyal buds, what if Jennifer Martel was
    your daughter? Do you have an attorney on retainer for when your children
    break the law?

  13. cambridgeyuppie says:

    Double groin kick? Is he OKAY?

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