‘Lazybones’ intruder a bit too lazy

On September 5, 2013, in Latest News, by The Somerville Times

By Jim Clark

Police responded to a reported unwanted party in the early morning hours of last Sunday at the Lazybones cleaning and storage company on Somerville Ave.

Upon arrival, officers were reportedly told by the reporting party, the business owner, that a former employee who had been caught sleeping in the building the day before had repeated the offense the very next evening.

One of the officers responding to the current call was involved in the prior incident, having arranged to have the trespasser, John Wrobel, 50, of Cambridge, taken out of the Lazybones facility and transported by ambulance to the hospital. Wrobel was reportedly highly inebriated at that time, according to reports.

The reporting party indicated that Wrobel had again entered the building without permission, and that he had been found sleeping on the floor next to a coffee table littered with the remains of food and beverages that had been allegedly taken from the company’s lounge room refrigerator.

The reporting party told officers that when he woke Wrobel and told him he would be calling the police, the man left the building in a hurry.

The police officers examined the doors and windows of the building and found no evidence of a forced entry. But a chair was found at the back of the building beneath a window to the lady’s restroom. The screen on that window appeared to have been moved to the side, and palm and foot smudges were found below the window, suggesting that someone had made their way into the building via that window, albeit with some difficulty, police said.

A description of Wrobel was radioed to police dispatch and the officer reported that he would conduct a search of the area in order to locate Wrobel.

Dispatch radioed back to the officer that a man fitting Wrobel’s description had entered the Fire Station across the street from the Lazybones building.

The officer then went to the fire station where he found Wrobel talking with fire fighters.

Based on the statements of the reporting party, it was decided that Wrobel would be placed under arrest and charged with felony nighttime breaking and entering.


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