The View From Prospect Hill – September 11

On September 11, 2013, in Latest News, by The Somerville Times

prospect hillHow many years now have we waited for something to be made of the site of the closed Star Market? Too many, by most estimates.

It is baffling to so many of us that such a great opportunity for some enterprising concern to revitalize the spot has not yet been seized. Several false starts have been made, and oftentimes thwarted by bureaucratic obstruction or opposition by certain concerned parties, rightly or wrongly.

With the past history behind us, we must look ahead to what can and should be done to bring life back to the dormant locale. Perhaps a renewed effort to lure the right kind of retailer should be made by the city and current holders of the property.

Special incentives might be considered to help motivate potential tenants and investors to take the plunge and revive the building and surrounding grounds.

Let us also encourage local residents and their representatives in city government to make a concerted effort to help pave the way and make the right kind of tenant feel welcome and needed as a vital part of the neighborhood.

What is currently considered an eyesore by some could rise to its fullest potential and restore itself as a useful, even vital, part of the community.

It’s taken long enough. Let’s move to get the right thing done in the shortest time possible. We deserve it.


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