Bring on the bratwurst in Somerville

On October 6, 2010, in Latest News, by The Somerville Times

Somerville sips and polkas its way through a joyful Oktoberfest

By Alexandra Botti

The smell of bratwurst, the joyful sounds of a brass band, and the laughter that accompanies a good beer – it’s not Munich, it’s Somerville.

Sunday marked the Somerville Chamber of Commerce’s second annual Oktoberfest, this time a larger event as the corner of Chester and Elm streets in Davis Square was closed to traffic and transformed into a veritable “biergarten.” Residents and visitors enjoyed the crisp autumn air while feasting on hearty German fare and sipping fall brews. Redbones provided bratwurst, knockwurst, potato pancakes, warm pretzels, a variety of beer and more, while food and drink from The Burren, Diva Indian Bistro, Foundry on Elm, Joshua Tree & Mike’s Food & Spirits was also available. Between bites and sips, outdoor activities let visitors hula hoop, get their face painted, or even have a go at walking on stilts.

Returning from last year and completing the festive atmosphere was the Mad Bavarian Brass Band, who delighted the crowd with everything from traditional Bavarian tunes to a rousing rendition of “Take Me Out to the Ballgame.” The band’s leader, Bill Sharp, said he performs at Oktoberfest for the sheer joy of it: “I’m doing it because we’ve got to have as much fun as we can.”

But there’s more to Oktoberfest than just a laid-back day of food, beer, and music. Somerville resident Emily Connor, 23, said “It makes me feel more connected to Somerville to go to events like this.” And Somerville was out en masse, with young and old alike bopping along to the joyful Bavarian polkas in the cool October air.

– Photos by By Alexandra Botti


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